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Grape Muscari Hyacinth

Early blooming Perennials that faithfully came back year after year.   
They are hardy in zones 3 - 9.  These plants are wonderful for naturalizing, they will multiply and
can be left alone or dug up and divided to share with  your friends and family.   

Bloom early to mid-spring
Plant bulbs about 3" deep in any well drained soil
Full to part sun
The pretty purple blooms look wonderful when planted with yellow daffodils.

Price is $11.99 for 5 and includes FREE SHIPPING via

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Hardy Water Lily tubers, not seeds.  
Tuber has roots attached and are easy to grow in your water pond.  These are hardy in colder
climates and will come back year after year.  They will survive the winter in zone 3 or higher.  Will
send up nice white with yellow centers all summer
Most of these are white with yellow like the picture, although some may have pink tones.  These
have been thinned from my pond.    

Plant will come with easy to follow planting instructions

Lily plants are a great way to keep algae growth in check and provide cover for  fish and they are
a great bio filter.  

These can help your pond look great this season!

Special Price is BUY ONE GET ONE FREE for $19.99

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