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These have such a lovely fragrance.  They have been grown here for many years, time to divide
them out, cause they do multiply very quickly, it is recommended that you divide them every 4

Bulbs will be freshly dug and shipped via USPS Priority Mail. You will receive at least 10
mixed  mature bulbs. They are beautiful and hardy.  This is one of the first flowers of the spring,
and their beauty and wonderful fragrance lasts for several weeks.  They do well in sunny and
shady areas.

Price is $18.99 and includes FREE USPS Priority Shipping.

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Tall BEARDED IRIS Rhizomes

Old Fashion

Organically grown

Tall very fragrant blooms on sturdy stems needing no staking.

These plants will grow in most any soil as long as it is well drained.  Full sun is preferred but will
bloom in partial shade.  

Should be planted very shallow, with the rhizome barely covered in soil.

Very easy to grow and hardy.

Easily grown in zones 3 to 9.
Lot of 12 beautiful Tall Bearded Iris and is a surprise package of any combination of
colors, just as pictured above. Fresh dug and shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Price
is $19.99 which include FREE USPS PRIORITY Shipping
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Yellow Water Iris
Yellow Sweet Flag Iris
Water Iris
Naturally grown here on our farm : )
Five rhizomes
Sweet Flag Yellow iris are very hardy and easy to grow.  They grow in any soil condition and love
a water/bog plant environment.  Their height can and will be determined by the location and
moisture they are planted in. When planted in dry areas they tend to be approximately a height of
18 to 24 inches.  They can reach much taller heights when planted in wet areas like ornamental
ponds and bogs.  They can be planted directly into water but can easily become invasive.  I I
recommend planting in pots for containment to prevent this problem.  
Plant these in full sun to partial shade from zone 4 through 9.

Price is $15.99 which includes FREE SHIPPING via USPS PRIORITY Mail.

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