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Presents: Favorite Famous Siamese Cats
“Pyewhacket” : Bell Book and Candle 1958

Gorgeously draped over the shoulder of the stunning Kim
Novak is Pyewacket.

Kim plays “Gillian” a modern witch who falls for a mortal
“Shep” (James Stewart). Pyewacket her Siamese, plays a
magical role in the comic courtship of these two love birds.
Plot sound a bit familiar?

Bell Book and Candle’s success was a big inspiration to….
Bewitched 1964
Even everyone’s favorite witch turned housewife
“Samantha” (Elizabeth Montgomery) has to handle a
magical Siamese in an early season episode. This was a
Hollywood nod to Pyewacket.

Then there is the most recognized famous Traditional
Siamese of all…
“DC” : That Darn Cat
Walt Disney 1965 played by Syn Cat

Haley Mills (in photo) and Dean Jones had their paws full
with this cool cat! So cool even Bobby Darin sang him a
theme song for his rounds about the town.

“Disney” on the film made it a sure fire hit and many of us
grew up admiring “DC’s” great looks and laughing with this
big pretty cat who kept the FBI running in circles.
These three are what a Traditional Siamese Should look like… Nice formed bodies and
gorgeous expressive heads.

Another popular style of the Siamese is the Modern (Americanized) also known as Show
Style Siamese…
“KIT KAT” : Charmed 1999-2006

Kit, who belongs to The Charmed Ones, is more of a
“Modern” type Siamese. Kit has narrow, slender features
and form. Kit is also a Hollywood nod to that magical

She is not the type of Siamese that we raise.
She is shown here for three reasons…         
1. She is a famous Siamese
2. So you can see differences in the types from the photos.
We love Charmed.
In Disney’s Lady and the Tramp, the havoc wreaking duo of Siamese who belong to
Aunt Sara were named SI and AM. Their theme song was “We Are Siamese”.
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